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About Elder Holman

He credits all that he is or ever will be to his strong relationship with God and his son Jesus Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit. As a very small baby he was surrounded by great men and women of God.�

It started like this...Church Prayer Warrior and Prophetess, Mother� Velez (1907-1986) had a son, whom she named Jesse, Jesse had a daughter whom was named Jessica, Jessica had a son whom she named after God's Archangel, Michael...Born in Brooklyn (St Marks between Utica and Rochester) he was brought� by his loving mom, Evangelist Jessica,� to the services of Miracle Temple Church in Brooklyn, NY that was founded by Evangelist Schambach who told his family "that boy is going to preach!" His visits to this church were special as it was here he got to see his great grandmother, Mother Velez, affectionately called "Nanna". She was a Prayer Warrior and had pictures of her and Rev. Schambach praying over the many letters that came to the church, later pastored by Pastor Kinsey.��

His Mom reared her "baby" in the United Holiness Church of America's Lambert Chapel Church on Williams Street in Brooklyn, NY.� Here he attended Sunday School taught by his much loved teacher sister Reed. This church was� named after the great Mother Lambert and founded and Pastored by the great Pastor Antley whom he loved dearly and this love continues through its currently leader the anointed Pastor Hindsman. He learned much from the powerful and seasoned saints of God in this Church such as his own Aunt, Dr. Simmons, Mother Pat, Mother Booker, the late Brother Antley (husband of the late Pastor Antley), Brother Reggie, his Uncle James (Brother of Dr. Simmons) and so many of the other saints. His Father also attended and was saved at this church. Both his Mother and Father served diligently as part of Ushers Board on the local and district levels of the United Holiness Church Of America.

During his Junior High School Years (Linden Junior High J.H.S 192 - Queens, NY) he was saved at the age of fourteen, under the leadership of one strong Church Of God In Christ Pioneer,� woman of God, Prophetess and his Spiritual Mother and Mentor, the late Pastor & Prophetess Hankins, of the Bethel Mission Church Of God In Christ, who herself came from under the leadership of the Church Of God In Christ "Prince Of Preachers", the late General Board Member, Bishop Washington to start a mission in Queens, NY.

He continued on to Andrew Jackson High School (Now The Campus Magnet School) , in Queens, NY. His nickname among many was "PREACH". There he sang with Gospel Chorus and special Ensemble Groups when formed. He was also asked by classmate and christian, Sister Stewart to be a part of a new Christian singing group she was starting, The Followers Of Christ, joining other group members such as fellow classmates and Christians, Lana & Andrea, a musician Greg and some others. This group sang at various churches such as� Bethel Mission at Elder Holman's Trial Sermon, Pastor Walker's "Gospel Blessing Center" in Roosevelt, Long Island and �a church Pastored by Pastor �and Prophet Trollinger also in Roosevelt (whose church Elder Holman� loved to visit).

During this time he met many great men and women of God such as Pastor Boyd of New Greater Bethel in Queens New York. Pastor Boyd would run Tent Revivals every Summer on the corner of Linden Blvd and Francis Lewis, right down the block from Andrew Jackson High School. During these revivals he got to hear the great preachers and evangelist of the day such as Evangelist Gardner.

Also at Bethel Mission he was blessed to have worked with Mother Hankin's husband ,the late Deacon Hankins (Church Deacon and outstanding Entrepreneur even in the early 70's with his own store, Williams & Sons) who was a strong tower in the church and did most of the work of the new church building before going on to be with the Lord. He was blessed to be around her wonderful children.

Other Strong Pioneers in the church at that day were Mother Byers who also often told Elder Holman to "BE TRUE TO THE LORD" and told his Mom she "saw a bright light over Elder Holman's life" She often encouraged the church with words such as "Ambush Lies the enemy, Watch & Pray, Watch & Pray". Other Pioneers were Elder Posten-McCall and Mother Brown whose favorite song was "He Touched Me".

Under Mother Hankins leadership he was ordained as the first Junior Deacon of Bethel Mission Church Of God In Christ and later licensed to Minister at the same church.� He was very blessed upon first coming to Bethel to meet his first Assistant Pastor, the late Elder Diogene and his Wife Sister Diogene (daughter of Mother Hankins).� Their daughters were among his first Primary Sunday School Students. Assistant Pastor Diogene was probably his first Spiritual Father in Gospel and his Sermon Messages such as "Trust & Obey" have remained with Elder Holman down through the years.�

He was honored to work with one of the most anointed musicians ever, Brother Hatcher who continues to play for the church and choir to this today. He enjoyed attending the special appreciation services for Brother Hatcher even in the early 70's when musicians and choirs such as Elder Wright and Concert Choir (along with the anointed Crews Sisters singing "Moving In The Spirit") would come and join in the celebration in song.

His first Youth Leader/Choir President/Prayer Partner and adopted God Mother was Evangelist Johnson. She was instrumental in the training of the youth of Bethel. She would often have talks with us regarding the importance of dedicating our lives to Christ and "knowing the meaning of the songs we sing about". At our choir anniversaries we were well coordinated in colors (Blue & White, Brown and Beige, Light Green and Dark Green, etc.). Also at these anniversaries Evangelist Johnsons would bring in choirs from all over such as the Jamaica High Gospel Chorus and many more Church and Community Choirs. Evangelist Johnson and her husband Elder Johnson (graduate of Bethune Cookman - HBCU - one of the Historic Black Colleges and Universities) have been special Godly Friends down through the years, supporting each other in church ministry in many capacities such as running services, cleaning the church, revivals, fasting and praying always.

Although his first Spiritual Mother has gone on, God has not forgotten her work, but the work continues on as it has been God joined together under the leadership of the anointed Supt. Sexton (Son of the late Bishop Sexton, prelate of the 2nd Jurisdiction of East New York and Vice Chairmen of the General Assembly of The Church Of God In Christ) and the church continues on today as is often referred to as "BET" (Bethel Emmanuel Temple...) In Supt. Sexton, Elder Holman has gained yet another Spiritual Father in this anointed Supt. & Pastor Sexton, having seen many of his Spiritual leaders go on to glory such as the late Bishop Ithiel Clemmons.� Bethel will always have a special place in his heart and life as being "home".

He attended bible school at the United Christian College of the United Holiness Church Of America, where the well known throughout Christendom, late Dr. Irene Powell served as Dean and his Uncle the late Dr. Simmons &� his Aunt, still serving,� Dr. Simmons worked diligently with the administration.� His first class was Christian Worker taught by Sis Connelly who later became Sister Washington, wife of Bishop Washington.� He also studied General Bible under the heavily anointed Dr. Grandy. Classes were then held in the Annex building of the Mt. Sinai Church Of God In Christ pastored by the late Bishop Sexton, then Vice Chair of the General Assembly of the Church Of God In Christ.

In later years, while serving under the leadership of the now 1st Assistant to the Bishop, Supt. Robinson (who has one of the most powerful Deliverance Ministries in all of East New York and surrounding areas) , of the Glorious Temple Church Of God In Christ (where he was given many open doors to work in this great Church Of God In Christ and served faithfully and lovely this great and anointed Supt & Pastor Robinson and his Lovely and anointed wife, Evangelist Robinson), in Brooklyn, NY, where he was Ordained an Elder, by the late, Church of God In Christ Historian and General Board member, and one of his mentors, Bishop Clemmons (First Church, Brooklyn, NY) (whom he served as a registered Jurisdictional Adjutant and Nationally under the then Adjutant General, Bishop Bell) in the Church Of God In Christ Inc. (COGIC) �where he learned the protocol to serving the great Bishops of our Church.�

Also at Glorious Temple amongst so many friends he has gained some "friends for life" in the late Elder Robinson (best man in his wedding), Elder Copeland (nicknamed by Supt. Robinson 2nd Timothy with Elder Holman being 1st Timothy after hearing on of late Bishop Clemmons Jurisdictional messages, "Inspiring Our Timothy's") and Elder Bland (PREACHA) along with their wives in addition to Evangelist (and now First Lady) Jackson (daughter of Supt. Robinson) and her husband Pastor Jackson of The Good Shepherd COGIC in Queens who have one the most anointed ministries and FAVOR of God seen in our present day. �The youth at Glorious Temple enjoyed many programs and even traveled together to the UNAC in Philadelphia, PA.

He has been blessed �to fellowship with powerful leaders and churches such as then Elder, now Bishop Wallace of the Agape Christian Fellowship, then on Herkimer Street in Brooklyn, NY. Bishop Wallace is another one of the "Sons" of Bishop Washington, known as the Prince Of Preachers throughout the brotherhood.� This Agape Church, exemplifies the "God kind of Love" in it's name with the anointed leadership of Bishop and Pastor Wallace (Shepherd Mother). They and the Agape family (The anointed "Twins" Elders Jeaninne & Deninne, Sister Burrell and the whole Church)� are loved dearly by Elder Holman.�

On a local level after having spoken with his Jurisdictional Bishop, Bishop Gaylord, in regards to his vision for yet another ministry, Elder Holman has begun laying the spiritual foundation for the evangelistic outreach ministry. He traveled to Harlem, NY to meet with his Bishop one evening just before the Bishop's New Membership Class at his local church, the historic Kelly Temple Church Of God In Christ (founded by the great Bishop O.M. Kelly) to share this vision with his Bishop. Originally he was going to call it "A Wealthy Place Ministry", but his Bishop encouraged him to use the name, �A Wealthy Place Church Of God In Christ Inc.�� and told him he was there to provide assistance in this great undertaking In Queens, NY,part of the 1st Jurisdiction of East New York under the Jurisdictional Prelate, Bishop Gaylord and Supervisor Mother Harris.

On the District Level, in earlier years he served a number of years as the District Young Peoples Willing Workers President (Y.P.W.W.) while in the Gold Coast District under the District Superintendent, Robinson (Glorious Temple, Brooklyn, NY) during the YPWW Jurisdictional Presidential administrative years� of Pastor Madison (Washington Temple, Brooklyn, NY), Elder Johnson (who served in NY under Pastor Spruill at (Allen Memorial, Mt. Vernon, NY)� before relocating to Alabama)� and Pastor Jones (Peterson Temple, Brooklyn, NY). He has participated in the National YPWW AIM Conventions (formerly Youth Congress). Also on a District Level, he and his wife have has served as part of the South Central District, under the late District Supt. Williams (Grace Temple, Westbury, NY) and District Missionary Kennebrew.

On the Jurisdictional level, he currently� serves as a part of the 1st Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of East New York, under the anointed Bishop Gaylord (Kelly Temple, Manhattan, NY) as Jurisdictional Prelate and anointed Mother Harris as Supervisor of Women. These two leaders Elder Holman has worked with many years and remembers even from the earlier days during Bishop Washington's administration. Formerly he served under the late Bishop's Clemmons and FD Washington along with the late Supervisor of Women Mother Wallace. He has served as �Secretary of the Elders Council, Marketing Representative, Program Committee member & Jurisdictional Adjutant for the 1st Jurisdiction.

On the National level, many years ago in the 1990's at the Holy Convocation in Memphis, he registered with the National Evangelist Department as a National Evangelist in the Church during the administration of Elder Battles, the then National Evangelist President and his Jurisdictional Evangelist President and Spiritual Mentor, Pastor Kemper (St. Samuel, Manhattan, NY) He know greatfully serves under the heavily very heavily anointed Naitonal Evangelist President Martin and Chairlady Evanglist Gardner. Elder Holman remembers the early days during the National convocations when the late Bishop Clemmons would lead the morning prayer at the historic Mason Temple in Memphis, Tennessee and Pastor Kemper would join him on the alter in prayer and would even call Elder Holman join with him. Kneeling at on Alter on the Pulpit on Mason Temple along side Bishop Clemmons and Pastor Kemper was an experience never to be forgotten.�It was also a delight during the National Convocations to rise early Sunday Morning for the National Sunday School and even teach a class! During the same time period, he registered with the National Adjutancy Corps under the then Adjutant General, the late Bishop Bell. He also was active in the National Elders Council since the leadership of the late Elder Knight.

Seeing the need to align with dynamic ministries called for such a time as this, he is monthly partner in Bishop Jakes ministry's "Aaron's Army", where this ministry (Bishop, his family, church workers, all numerous supporters) is upheld in prayer and support.




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