COGIC History

  • Bishop F.D. Washington 

  • Bishop O.M. Kelly

  • COGIC Founder: Bishop Charles H. Mason
  • Bishop C.D. Owens
  • Bishop Clemmons
  • Bishop J.A. Blake
  • Pastor & Mother Sarah Hankins
  • Bishop Sexton

This Page Dedicated to the history the Church of God in Christ and the many leaders who lead us now, the next generation and others who have gone on to a wealthy place...

Psalm 66:10 - "For thou, O God, has proved us: Thou has tried us as silver is tried."

Psalm 66:12 - "Thou hast caused men to ride over our heads;we went through fire and through water;but thou broughtest us out into a wealthy place."

Our COGIC - Electronic Publications Coming Soon!

Great Bishops (leaders of the Church) :

  • Bishop Charles Mason - Founder (went on to greater reward 1961)
  • Bishop O.T. Jones Sr. - Followed Bishop Mason (went on...1972)
  • Bishop J.O. Patterson - Followed Bishop Jones (went on...1989)
  • Bishop L.H. Ford - Followed Bishop Patterson (went on..1995)
  • Bishop C. Owens - Followed Bishop L.H. Ford (Still among us!)
  • Bishop G.E. Patterson - Continues on...

Great Women Supervisors (leaders of the Women's Work)

  • Mother L. Robinson - (went on to greater reward 1945)
  • Mother L. Coffey - (went on...1964)
  • Mother Ann Bailey (went on...1976)
  • Mother M. McGlothen - (went on...)
  • Mother Crouch - (went on...)
  • Mother Rivers - Continues on...

Auxiliaries: Early Pioneers

Music Dept.

  • Dr. Mattie Moss Clark

Bible Band

  • Miss Joanna Moore

Sunday School

  • Bishop L.C. Patrick
  • Bishop C.W. Williams
  • Mother J. Jones
  • Mother A. Patrick

Y.P.W.W. - Young People Willing Workers

  • Bishop O.T. Jones Sr.
  • Bishop O.T. Jones Jr.
  • Bishop Chandler Owens
  • Bishop William James
  • Bishop C.H. Brewer
  • Bishop F.E. Perry
  • Mother J.V. Hearne
  • Mother Clemmons

Home and Foreign Missions

  • Bishop S.M. Crouch

National Evangelist

  • Overseer S.T. Samuel
  • Bishop L.C. Page
  • Mary & Martha Renfro "The Twins"
  • Leatha & Rentha Herndon
  • Evangelist Utah Smith
  • Evangelist Elsie Shaw
  • Evangelist Emily Brahm Bibby

Church of God in Christ Publishing House Builders

  • Mrs. E.V. Sparks
  • Bishop F.D. Washington
  • Bishop J.O. Mason
  • Bishop L.C. Patrick
  • Bishop J.O. Patterson Sr.
  • Bishop D.J. Young
  • Bishop E.W. Rodgers
  • Rose Young Lockett
  • Elizabeth Young
  • Albertha Mckenzie
  • Bishop Quick
  • Elder David Hall

Educational Institutions:

Saints Industrial & Literature School

  • Professor James Courts
  • Dr. Arenia C. Mallory

Note on Dr. Mallory from former Student:

"Dr. Mallory did a lot work for the C.O.G.I.C.  Saints Jr. Elementary and High school taught me so much, teaching Negro History before most of us knew we had a history, because of her I have pride in! myself and who I am, we were taught how to walk, talk and good citizenship. With my Saints Jr. education I became a Department Manager in one of America's largest bank."

C.H. Mason Seminary

  • Dr. Leonard Lovett
  • Elder Oliver J. Haney Jr.

Elders Council

  • Bishop W.G. Shipmen
  • Bishop William Rimson
  • Bishop Riley F. Williams
  • Bishop S.C. Coles
  • Bishop Levi E. Willis
  • Dr. Frank Ellis
  • Elder Knight
  • Elder Solomon Williams


  • Bishop O.M. Kelly
  • Bishop J.O. Patterson Sr.
  • Bishop U.E. Miller
  • Bishop J.S. Bailey
  • Bishop A.B. McEwen
  • Bishop O.T. Jones
  • Bishop S.M. Crouch
  • Early Executive Board
  • Bishop J. White
  • Bishop W.G. Shipman
  • Bishop C.E. Bennette
  • Bishop S.M. Crouch
  • Bishop O.M. Kelly
  • Bishop J.S. Baily
  • Bishop B.S. Lyles
  • Bishop W. Wells
  • Bishop C.H. Brewer Sr.
  • Bishop L.H. Ford
  • Bishop A.B. McEwen
  • Bishop O.T. Jones Sr.
  • Bishop J.O. Patterson, Sr.

Partial Listing of Bishops Installed by Bishop Mason

  • Bishop L.T. Blackshear
  • Bishop Samuel Robert Chambers

Great Bishops/Pastors (leaders of the Church) :

  • Elder Lee Henry Haralson - Holly Hill Church Of God In Christ - Flint Michigan
  • Bishop J.W. Taylor of Bishop of AZ from 1922-1974


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